80 percent of the Cost is Under The Tip of an Iceberg

Total Cost of Ownership is the safest way to success!





Agent King – we  differentiate from other procurement agents with our Procurement & Supply Chain Management Services to lower the total cost of ownership to provide the best value to the ultimate customers.  Customer VALUE is KING.

The Procurement Cost is only the tip of the iceberg & there are more costs under the surface.  Our approach goes deep down to the raw material & operator levels to minimize the total cost of ownership.

our management, engineering and quality control staffs have been working for the American and German conglomerates in the Procurement,  Supply Chain Management, engineering and quality control functions since the quality era in the 80’s.

Due Diligence

Total Quality System Audits We will conduct due diligence review with System Audits on Company wide Operations.  Quality starts from the beginning.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Excellence Deep supply chain integration & Continuous Improvement will be operated continuously.  All levels of operations will be trained accordingly.

Strategic Partnering

ODM & OEM Projects We welcome Strategic Partnering on Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Projects

How Agent King Works?

Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Doing things right at first time & everytime

We will work with your Marketing, Engineering, Quality & Concerned Functions to deploy the Product Market & Safety Requirements to Quality Function Requirements which we will further deploy deep into the upstream supplies to the raw materials & operator levels .

Total Cost of Ownership & Supply Chain Excellence

The danger of only looking at the quoted price is that under the tip of iceberg, there is a lot of costs and potential damages to the brand.  The ratio could be 1 to 10.  Irrational pushing of lower cost will have a negative impact to sustainability too.  AGENT KING will go deep to every element that will affect the excellence of the supply chain.  We train and monitor the suppliers to manage the 5M’s – Material, Manpower, Machinery, Method, Measurement to achieve Quality Excellence  Our Total Quality Control approach extends to all material suppliers & their workers.

Strategic Partnership

With the cultural difference in different markets, Agent King Strategic Partnership is the safest way to be Successful in a market.   The consumers are the only ultimate customers of every operator in the supply chain.  We all, as partners, collectively should have only one ultimate goal to work together to supply the best value with optimizations in safety, quality, cost, delivery, capability and service. We will train and monitor the suppliers to meet the International Standards of each of the markets that their product will be sold including the Quality and Safety standards, as well as Sustainability, Labor, Working Environment and Supply Chain Transparency Requirements. Inquiry


  • – Due Diligence Review
  • – New Vendor Identification
  • – Technical Review
  • – Quality Planning
  • – Quality Audits
  • – Process Capability Studies
  • – Process Control
  • – Root Cause Analysis
  • – Corrective Actions
  • – Value Improvement
  • – Quality Training
Please Note:
At this stage, the majority of our manufacturing partners are having their manufacturing operations in China and Taiwan.  The Manufacturers will only quote in exWork terms.
We will review the manufacturing cost breakdowns with the customer. Both of the demand and supply partners agree on a price with the mutually acceptable profit margin. Our agent fee will be finalized with the concerned parties based on our contribution on the project.